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Sugar Addiction Diagnosis

sugar use general assessment recording - SUGAR

Licensed and Certified SUGAR Practitioner

Qualified Licensed Practitioners are authorised by; Bitten Jonsson and Borje Dahl to use the leading diagnostic tool (SUGAR®) for the diagnosis of sugar addiction.

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‍Sugar Addiction Diagnosis

SUGAR® Evaluation Program: Sugar Use General Assessment Recording is a structured evaluation tool designed to assess a person’s relationship to sweet, starchy, grain based and/or hyper palatable foods. These foods may act as psychoactive substances within the body’s reward centres and lead to substance use disorder also known as addiction.

Before the development of SUGAR® there was no dedicated diagnostic measure for sugar addiction, other than general screening tools including S-UNCOPE, Yale Scale, and various self-assessment questionnaires.

Diagnosis and assessment are the keys to recovery from addiction. Without an adequate diagnosis and assessment, a health professional cannot develop a recovery treatment plan.  Without an assessment, a client cannot perceive the need for and value of taking action.  An accurate assessment is the key to getting appropriate help for the epidemic of overeating manifesting as a processed food addiction.

Joan Ifland: Processed Food Addiction Expert

SUGAR Evaluation is a new opportunity to detect the hidden enemy behind any repeated dieting failures: addiction.  At it’s essence, it is an objective, detailed, therapeutic interview.  Think of it as going on a fact-finding mission where there is no right or wrong answer just an honest share. The questions  within each SUGAR® Evaluation are designed to give the information we need to integrate a precise treatment during your sugar addiction recovery.  These consultations take away all stigma and will help you see clearly that there is nothing you have done that has caused this to happen – it is a DISEASE!

User Types

In sugar-addiction there are 3 classifications of user: Self-regulators or social users; harmful users and addictive users. Knowing the difference between addiction and harmful use will help you find your North Star in terms of motivation and change. For more detail, including how we consumers of sugary foods are categorised, read: Are You Addicted to Sugar

Social, Self-Regulator, or Harmful Use

Our ground breaking diagnosis will determine whether you have a social, harmful, or addictive relationship to these substances.  A positive assessment enables better treatment options based on a holistic individual approach and better outcomes after a lifetime of misdiagnosis.  Addiction is a brain disease. It’s not your fault.  It is neither a character flaw nor a moral failing: it’s a brain disease.

When I was answering the questions it made me realise how distorted my eating habits have become and when you say it out loud it becomes clearer.

Time to Diagnose

SUGAR® is based on the diagnostic criteria for “harmful use” and “addiction” to mind-altering (psychoactive) drugs as described by the ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) from the World Health Organisation and the DSM- 5 from the American Psychiatric Association (APA).  If you are stuck in chronic cravings and battling with uncontrollable weight loss; if food has become unmanageable for you: it may be an addiction.  A diagnostic evaluation is a core requirement of your sugar addiction recovery.

After filling in the pre-assessment forms I have started noticing what my addicted brain is telling me and that I had been minimising the significance of my issues but I am now taking them more seriously. I feel the diagnosis assessment report will encourage me to make the changes needed whereas before there was always an element of "it's not so bad really" or "I'm sure if I just tried something else it will work.

Addiction Interaction Disorder

Like a many headed hydra, addiction is one disease with many outlets.  When we assess for sugar addiction, we will also start to see addiction patterns appearing in other areas of our life: from shopping to Netflix, from screens to gambling, from sex to compulsive thinking; it is all part of the same disease: one disease with many outlets.  SUGAR® is also able to screen for these other addictions for a more comprehensive result.  The truth will be the bedrock of your recovery.

What will I get with my evaluation?

SUGAR® assessment results include a full diagnostic checklist, a timeline of symptoms, a symptom chart and weight loss/weight gain symptom curve that clearly illustrates the progression of the illness in chronological order. 

Our clients report a deep sense of peace in finally uncovering the truth about their disease.

Groundbreaking Diagnostics

Sugars Addictive comprehensive diagnostics are critical to the success and sustainability of sugar addiction recovery. Our clinically proven evaluation removes the stigma, and provides a strong motivational tool to deliver compliance with the subsequent bespoke treatment protocols.

there's a lot to learn about sugar sensitivity and sugar addiction.  If you think you have a problem with this, please remember: ITS NOT YOUR FAULT.  Learn more about your brain and addiction and you will understand what I mean...

Customer Feedback

I must say that the experience has had a profound effect on how I view my addiction and has provided me with a deeper understanding of the underlying processes involved.Through the comprehensive screening and evaluation, I gained valuable insights into the intricate connections between my addiction and its origins. It allowed me to explore the complex web of factors that contributed to the development of this disease. This newfound understanding has been instrumental in reshaping my perspective and fostering a greater sense of compassion towards myself.The process itself was immensely helpful. It provided a safe and supportive environment where I could openly address my struggles anddelve into the underlying issues. The expertise and guidance you provided throughout the evaluation were invaluable, enabling me to gain clarity.I am truly grateful for the help and opportunity to undergo such a comprehensive screening. The experience has been transformative, and I now have a more profound understanding of my addiction and its origins. It has empowered me to approach my recovery with renewed determination and self-compassion.Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for your assistance and support throughout this process. Your expertise and genuine care have made a significant impact on my life, and I am genuinely appreciative.
I found Kate through a contact list from a Facebook Group and I started following her on instagram.  I followed her for a few weeks before she mentioned starting a small support group and I had been looking for a group in the UK so I got in touch.  From the first email I could feel Kate's empathy and care.  She suggested a call and I knew I was in good hands fromn that point.  Through doing a SUGAR assessment, It turns out I am a food addict.  At all stages of the process Kate checked how I was and I felt no shame or embarrassment about talking about my eating habits as I felt Kate was totally on my side and understood.  I felt very well looked after by Kate at every stage and I know I can get in touch with her about questions that come up after my assessment and results.
The whole experience was an eye opener, I never would imagined that I could have an addictive brain and be addicted to sugar, before the evaluation my eating habits and emotions just seemed extreme , erratic and totally out of control, I have never fully understood my patterns but knew something was wrong, since having the evaluation it has totally made me more aware of my habits and what triggers me to eat and the cravings when I feel certain ways in my emotions and since finding out and getting the results I feel more calm and am able to control my my thought a lot more to tell myself I do not need certain foods and its totally made me think more before I eat and what I should eat.



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