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Relapse Prevention Course

Embark on a trans-formative journey towards sustained sobriety with Sugars-Addictive Relapse Prevention Course. Developed by Kate Oliver – leading clinical professional counselor and certified (ACRPS) RPT trainer. Our extensive relapse therapy program has been meticulously designed to empower individuals in recovery by equipping them with the skills to recognise and manage their unique triggers, fostering resilience against relapse.


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Relapse Prevention Training Course

Rooted in evidence-based cognitive-behavioral strategies, the Relapse Prevention Course is more than just a coping mechanism—it’s a life-affirming change. Participants will engage in group therapy sessions that not only provide valuable support but also cultivate a communal spirit of recovery, reinforcing the knowledge that no one is alone on this path to wellness.

Course Content

With each of the 16 modules you will have an opportunity for you to delve into personal high-risk scenarios—both internal and external—and develop robust, tailored strategies for conquering them. From assertive sugar and ultra-processed food refusal skills to ‘urge surfing’ techniques, our training covers an extensive range of coping strategies. Moreover, mindfulness practices are integrated to enhance awareness and self-efficacy, facilitating a mindful approach to cravings and challenging situations.

SA’s Relapse Prevention program doesn’t stop when the session ends. You’ll be encouraged to continue honing your new found skills through ‘homework’ assignments, ensuring that the strategies learnt are not just theoretical, but part of a practical toolkit for everyday life.

A Sustainable Future

Ideal for those seeking a sense of control over their recovery, and to challenge positive expectancy associated with substance use and restructures cognitive approaches to sobriety. By participating in our training, individuals gain not only the confidence but also the competence required to navigate life’s challenges without reliance on sugar and processed foods.

Sugars-Addictive Relapse Prevention Course – a cornerstone in building a resilient foundation for lasting recovery. Your commitment today is the first step towards a future defined by strength, control, and hope.

Suspect you may be suffering with an eating disorder, addiction relating to sugar and, or ultra-processed foods? To be eligible for our treatment programs you first need professional evaluation and diagnosis. Learn more about our ground breaking diagnostic techniques – here: Food Addiction Diagnostic Assessment

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