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Food Addiction Services

food addiction services
food addiction treatment
Kate's Addiction Services
  • Diagnostic Assessment

    Take control of your relationship with ultra-processed foods with our professional food addiction services and ground-breaking diagnostic evaluation.

  • One-on-One Treatment Courses

    Take control of food addiction with our comprehensive approach to assessment, diagnosis, and personalised treatment. We support you every step of the way.

  • Relapse Prevention

    RPT prevents relapses in addiction recovery by teaching skills to manage high-risk situations. A proactive approach, based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, an effective treatment in overcoming addiction.

Our clinically proven food addiction services include diagnostic assessment and one-on-one recovery sessions which explore holistic medicine for addiction and biochemical repair.

One-on-One Treatment

Sugar Addiction Diagnosis

Diagnostic Assessment is the gateway evaluation incorported into each of our food addiction services, and key to understanding, once and for all if this problem with “sweet tooth” is addiction or harmful use.

Knowledge and Insight

I would highly recommend Kate for her professionalism, but she delivered it in a way where you felt total ease, relaxed and fully trusting her with the process.  Her knowledge and insight and explanation process of it all just made the whole experience spot on for me. And the follow ups  and information she provides with the evaluation is invaluable.”

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A ground-breaking comprehensive evaluation to provide a detailed diagnostic assessment of specific needs and long term goals. The information gathered is used to develop a bespoke treatment package critical to you sustaining your recovery.

I want to thank you for all the support you gave to me over the 3 months we worked together. Recovery from food addiction isn’t as simple as not “cheating on your diet”. It’s so much more than abstaining from sugar and refined carbs.

With your professional guidance I learned new ways of coping with day-to-day life that didn’t depend on resorting back to food to salve my wounds. You helped me to discover the power that resides within me to make anything happen. You taught me strategies that I can use to navigate unavoidable triggers, cues and triggers that are all around, all the time.

I can confidently say that I am now better prepared for any eventualities that are sure to come my way. It’s good to feel empowered and you helped me to achieve that. The mental chatter is finally quiet.

I am forever grateful.

- Cheryl P -

Recovery Education and Support


Evidence based learning resources, guidance, and support to help you understand and overcome addiction to drug foods.  An opportunity to walk alongside you as you learn to make the changes to your life that make a difference.  Addiction is a “me” problem with a “we” solution – let’s make that difference together.

Our food addiction services have been developed with scientific research, clinical insight and personal experiences to illuminate your path towards food addiction recovery. With compassion at the helm of our approach, we deliver ground-breaking sugar addiction education and support that is both accessible and empathetic. It is our belief that understanding is the first step towards overcoming any struggle, especially one as complex as sugar addiction.

Comprehensive and personalised treatment programs designed to be the beacon of hope in your journey. We understand that this journey is personal, unique and fraught with obstacles. That’s where our supportive one on one environment is where you can feel safe and empowered as you navigate the road to recovery.

We are here to reassure you that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Remember, no one should face these challenges alone; together we are stronger. Our professional support provides you strength when yours wanes and celebrate your victories along the way. In essence, not just a sugar addiction service, but a comforting friendly face and hand to hold on your recovery journey.

Relapse Prevention Training

Work through a series of cognitive restructuring techniques (created by Terence Gorski and the Cenaps Corporation) to create a personal road map for your recovery.  Relapse is a process not an event.  This means that it can be mapped and accurately predicted and ultimately in many cases avoided.  Learn to identify your early warning signs related to personality and lifestyle problems. 

Diane B.
Diane B.Client
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I worked with Kate as she guided me through Relapse Prevention Therapy for my sugar addiction. I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew that I needed to do this work because whilst I have been in recovery for over 2 years, I have relapsed multiple times in my life. I wanted to understand why I kept going back to sugar and become aware of the warning signs that signalled that I was headed for a fall.The work that we did was illuminating and woke my awareness of what I was doing and why I was doing it, in a way that was gentle but so impactful.Kate and I met for an hour each week and little by little, as we worked through the Relapse Prevention Therapy Workbook together, I started to see patterns of behaviour that did not support my sobriety.Kate has a very gentle and warm demeanor and I could easily relate to her because she has been there and openly acknowledged that she had had some similar times in her life. This made her totally relatable to me and she was just the perfect facilitator to guide me through this work.
Sugar addiction relapse training
Doing this therapy has freed me in a way that I never thought would be possible for me. I know why I am the way I am now. I also have deep knowledge of the thoughts, feelings, urges, actions and reactions that I typically exhibit when I am headed for relapse , but I also now have a plan written down on how to manage all of these things to support me in my sobriety.I cannot be more grateful for the freedom and peace that this therapy has given me
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Free Resources

Get access to a collection of free resources including a sample food plan and shopping list as you prepare to embark on your own recovery story.

How it Works

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EVALUATION, DIAGNOSTICS & TREATMENT   Professional Training, Education & Full on support.

Please Note: To be eligible for any of our treatment programs, you must complete the initial screening – Step 1. Should you have any difficulties in accessing the questionnaire via the link provided, please get in touch to make alternative arrangements.

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What to expect, insights and overview of available treatment plans. You also get to share your personal story, hopes and expectations. Start your journey towards a happier, healthier you today!

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