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Food Addiction Articles

Dive into the compelling world of food addiction, discover why it’s so important to diagnose for addiction, and, how to overcome that sweet tooth on your sugar recovery journey.

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Diagnose For Addiction

In recovery, the first step on the journey is often the most challenging. Acknowledging that there’s a problem is one thing, but professional treatment requires us to diagnose for addiction to fully understand the depth and nuances of the problem, this requires a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation.

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10 facts about food addiction

10 Food Addiction Facts

The term sugar addiction often stirs up a storm of debates among scientists and health enthusiasts. While some firmly acknowledge its existence, others dismiss it as a mere media hype. But recent scientific studies shed new light on this moot point, revealing startling parallels between sugar consumption and drug addiction.

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Relapse Prevention

The Gorski Model of Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT).Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT) is a constructive, creative tool designed by Terence Gorski

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What is a Relapse

Slips versus Relapse: understanding the difference in recovery.In this article we offer a relapse definition and explore the meaning of

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Diagnose For Addiction
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