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About: Sugars Addictive
kate oliver - teacher and food addiction specialist

Professional Help for Food Addiction

Certified Food Addiction & Relapse Prevention Specialists

Once upon a time, in a world consumed by ultra-processed foods, there was a company called Sugars Addictive (SA). SA is not just any ordinary business, but the result of a long and arduous personal battle against the powerful grip of food addiction.

For over four decades, CEO and founder Kate Oliver struggled with the devastating effects of this silent addiction. Like many others before her, it took a toll on every aspect of her life: from weight gain to mental health, from brain fog and confusion to constant exhaustion and fluctuating energy levels.

Sugar had consumed her daily thoughts with no respite, resulting in a constant yearning for her next sugary “fix”. It felt unstoppable, a never-ending cycle where one bite was too many and one thousand never enough. 

A constant insatiable craving for processed foods, a clear signs of food addiction had left her feeling utterly defeated and incredibly sad with an ever – expanding waist band.

Weight Gain

Proven Holistic Approach

Like millions of others, Kate was never offered help for food addiction, instead she advised to simply eat less, exercise more, and to seek therapy for low self-esteem.

She was encouraged to follow the usual commercial diets such as Lighter Life, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, and the Cambridge Diet.  You name it – she tried it!

But no matter what, she would fall off the wagon time and time again. In fact, over the course of her dieting lifetime, Kate managed to diet her way up to 235lbs (16 st.).

Without the crucial help for food addiction, yo-yo dieting was destroying her life.  Up and down on the scales all took its toll – not least the huge wardrobe of different clothes sizes which was both frustrating and expensive. Nothing ever stayed the same, it all felt impossible and a complete waste of a life.

certified wellness coach with 20 years experience
help for food addiction

Ground-Breaking Diagnostics

And there were some very dark moments during this time.  How was it possible that a woman could have a good marriage to a lovely man, run a national company with over one hundred employees, raise four children, a stepson (a dog and three chickens), maintain the home and all the time live this second hidden, silent life of compulsive obsessional thought around food?

During this dark period, a ray of hope emerged. Through sheer determination and a complete refusal to give up, Kate discovered a life-altering revelation – that she had been treating the wrong disease.

This inability to stop; the unintended use (despite making promises every morning not to pick up drug food and every morning by 9.30 am, right back at square one having broken that promise), these insatiable cravings, this urge to constantly eat sugar and when not eating, planning how and when to do so were, in fact, symptoms of a chronic, progressive disease. 

It was the disease of addiction that was to blame. From that very moment, Sugars Addictive was created with a very clear mission – to provide professional help for food addiction.

What's Food Got to Do With it?

Specialist Help For Food Addiction

With a newfound understanding of her own struggles, Kate Oliver was committed to her mission to provide professional help for food addiction, to help other individuals trapped in the same vicious cycle. With firsthand experience (lasting over forty years) of the pain and frustration that comes with sugar addiction, she became determined to gain a deep understanding of the science so that she could make a difference.

Kate’s journey with food recovery began in 2011 and an experiment with eating a paleo diet.  This offered a very successful but temporary fix because the underlying issue of addiction was not yet resolved.  It is possible to consume sugar on the paleo diet as sugar appears in many different disguises hidden within the food we eat.  While significant weight loss ensued, the weight was re-gained as per all other diets due to the lack of knowledge and understanding around the underlying addiction issue.

However, an idea was born from that initial venture which led to Kate and her husband Michael Oliver creating Primal Cut.  This successful food business sold keto sausages and nitrite free bacon handcrafted from local free-range pork.  And although Kate’s diet changed again, it was not enough to create a sustained weight loss nor give freedom from the constant, compulsive thought around food.  

The yo-yo dieting that had destroyed her life for so many years returned with a vengeance.  And as the business grew, the stress increased alongside the weight. 

It was a vicious circle which Kate thought would play out for the rest of her life.  The breakthrough was a chance diagnostic assessment (through SUGAR® Evaluation) which confirmed that she had the disease of addiction.  That was her biggest aha moment – that this was a disease and not a choice.

Kate went on to re-train with Swedish addictions expert Bitten Jonsson, RN,  gaining certification in Holistic Medicine for Addiction and a licence to bring SUGAR®

Evaluation to the UK.  There followed training with Dr Georgia Ede on the use of the ketogenic diets for mental health (clinician training)  and additional training with the CENAPS Corporation gaining Advanced Certification in Relapse Prevention Training (ACRPS) and full training in Denial Management Counselling.

Today, Sugars Addictive has become a beacon of hope for those who also feel lost in the clutches of sugar and the resulting addiction to processed foods. It is through innovative programs (including SUGAR®

Evaluation) and Kate’s own brand of holistic medicine for addiction that Sugars Addictive now provides a comprehensive package of professional help for food addiction. Focusing on specific diagnostics and treatments to address the underlying causes of sugar addiction, Sugars Addictive is able offer you a path to lasting,  sustainable recovery.

Sugars Addictive underlying principles are all about sustainable recovery.  Kate understands the importance of fostering a community of support and empowerment. That’s why she also creates a space where individuals can come together, share their stories, and find solace in knowing they are not alone.

In need of support and guidance to overcome food addiction? Our website,, offers valuable resources to help you on your journey to recovery. Check out our latest Food Addiction Video featuring Dr. Joan Ilfland and Dr. Robert Lustig, renowned experts in the field of ultra-processed food addiction

Modalities and Trainings

Certificate of SUGAR® Evaluation Counsellor

Certificate for Denial Management Counselling

Certificate of Holistic Medicine for Addiction

Certificate for Ketogenic Diets for Mental Health (Clinician)

Advanced Certificate in Relapse Prevention Services (ACRPS)

Hagtitude Programme with Dr Sharon Blackie

(Re-imagining the Second Half of Life).

In Association with
Gratitude and Forward Momentum

A Word from Kate

My mission is to turn sugar, carbs, and ultra-processed food addicts, onto LIFE!
Are you always chasing the why. Why me? Why you? Why us?
You know what the Big Book says about Poor Me? Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink - for me, swap drink for food.
Moreover, there I lived for over forty years - until diagnosed with a processed food addiction. I will never take my freedom for granted again.
So when you get caught up in the WHY but want to know the HOW – don't waste another moment.
Get in touch, light the blue touch paper and choose LIFE - your one wild and precious life – because it is yours, it has always been yours, you simply learned to look the other way.
Change takes work, guidance, and inspiration - effort - and if this is not you, please do not reply. Our help for food addiction programs are only available to those who are ready and willing to change.
If you are a sugar, carbs, or processed food addict, if you are so ready to change its painful, but you do not know how, this is for you.
Because that was my own, lived experience until I took time out to re-train and learn what I can teach you on how to upgrade your life beyond addiction.
Working with clients, I get to see daily how the veil of addiction has masked creative potential.
I am a writer at heart banging out stories on an old petit typewriter as a child, but I lost all this creativity in the grip of food addiction.
In recovery, I write every day and I create a life of meaning and purpose. Let this be you too if you want it and you will know deep down in your soul if this is you.

Kate Oliver
sugar addiction recovery
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