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Food Addiction Diagnostic Assessment

 What’s Included:

🎖️ Full Pre-Assessment Evaluation
🎖️ SUGAR® Evaluation and Diagnosis
🎖️ Personalised Treatment Program & Recovery Plan


Additional information

Food Addiction Diagnostic Assessment – SUGAR

Incorporating, SUGAR® (Sugar Use General Assessment), a comprehensive diagnostic assessment tool designed to evaluate sugar, flour, carbohydrates, processed and ultra-processed food, and their related consequences. Administered as a structured interview, Food Addiction Diagnostic Assessment fills a gap in the field of sugar/food addiction by providing a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation instrument. While several screening tools exist, such as UNCOPE, Yale scale (YFAS), and various self-assessment questionnaires, none offer the same level of comprehensive evaluation as the SUGAR® incorporated by Sugars Addictive.                                      
The ultimate tool for Food Addiction Diagnostic Assessment. Our diagnostic program will easily track and analysis your habits, behaviours, and patterns related to sugar consumption. Whether you suspect you may have a sugar addiction, or simply want to gain a better understanding of your relationship with sugar, FADA is key.

Accurate Diagnosis with DSM-5 and ICD-10 Criteria

One of the key strengths of this assessment is its ability to accurately distinguish between pathological (addictive) use and harmful use. This differentiation is crucial in identifying appropriate treatment approaches, as these two conditions require different treatment protocols. Addiction to sugar, flour, and/or processed food is a chronic, complex, and serious disease that typically necessitates a treatment model of abstinence. On the other hand, harmful use, such as stress eating or emotional eating, can sometimes be addressed through a treatment model of moderation.
Using recognised international standards of DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases), SUGAR offers a precise assessment of sugar addiction. By answering thoughtfully crafted interview questions, our SUGAR Practitioner will evaluate your results to determine if you meet the criteria for a diagnosis of sugar addiction. Curious to find out if you have a food addiction? Book our diagnostic assessment now!
The evaluation and diagnosis includes screening for Addiction Interaction Disorder (AID), recognizing that addiction can manifest in various outlets, including alcohol, prescription pills, and recreational drugs. By addressing addiction as one illness with multiple expressions, SUGAR ® provides a more comprehensive understanding of your overall addiction profile.

Data & Reporting

In addition to its diagnostic capabilities, each assessment incorporates an addiction development curve. This curve illustrates your relationship with sugar, flour, and food from the initial stages of harmful use to the present. This motivational tool is proven to be highly successful in increasing individuals motivation and compliance to our recovery treatment protocols.

Food Addiction Test: Uncover the Truth

Enrol for our Food Addiction Diagnostic Assessment to gain detailed insights into your relationship with sugar. This comprehensive test is designed to evaluate eating behaviour, cravings, and your emotional response to sugar consumption. It will provide you with a clear picture of whether you may be struggling with a food addiction. Don’t let your sugar addiction go unchecked. Take control of your health and well-being with SUGAR®. Start your journey towards a healthier relationship with sugar today!

The Bottom Line

This is a diagnostic tool, developed to provide clarity and reassurance in the assessment of food addiction. Unlike the Yale Food Addiction Scale version, the assessment dives much deeper, mapping the pathological use of; sugar, grains, flour, ultra-processed food, and eating behaviours according to the ICD-10, ICD-11 and DSM-5 criteria. The resulting data provides a detailed visual representation and timeline of your diagnosis. Once you have your results the evaluation will also provide recommendations for suitable follow-up and treatment where necessary.

Integrity & Professionalism

As Licensed SUGAR® Practitioners, please note that Sugars Addictive treatment programs can only be recommended to those at risk of addiction – according to recognised criteria.