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Our Walk Home: Journeys in Recovery

“What is the word for when the light leaves the body – What is the word for when it, at last, returns?” – Kate Baer, Deliverance 

Welcome to Our Walk Home – Journeys in Recovery, the ultimate food addiction podcast. Join Amy, Erin, and Kate, three close friends who have conquered their own sugar addiction through the power of community, courage, and commitment. In each episode, we delve into a new topic, providing valuable guidance and inspiration as you embark on your own journey towards recovery from food addiction. 

Each episode will tackle a new subject, offering a little guidance and inspiration as you take your own walk home back from the edge of addiction. The three of us met through a group called SUGARx Global as we began our own journeys to address our disease of addiction and that our outlet of choice was sugar. 

We started talking the three of us together about a year ago, weekly and it has absolutely been the highlight of the week for all three of us. Our conversations have been deep and inspirational, and we thought that may be a food addiction podcast could speak to other people out there who are also dealing this silent disease.” Erin McArthur

Your Podcasters!

kate oliver - specialist in food addiction recovery


Kate Oliver is a mum to five and a sugar addiction specialist who spent four decades stuck in a repeat cycle of yo-yo dieting until she woke up to the fact this was food addiction, and sugar is a drug.

Amy Starman - recovering sugar addict


Amy Starman is a mum to two beautiful kids and is in recovery from food addiction. She has overcome a recent diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer and is a sugar addiction specialist.

pediatrician and family doctor - Erin McArthur


Erin McArthur is a family Doctor and Pediatrician based in Alaska and a Type 2 Diabetic. She is a mum to two amazing teenage kids, a published author “Kids are Weird” and a sugar addiction specialist.

Food Addiction Podcasts
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